New readers


If you’re a new reader, I am sure you’re awesome and thats the reason you’re here.

I’m Andrea and this is my personal portfolio created with the work I do every single day. Besides, this space have been builded with my own personal mark, so you can get to know a little bit of me in every post.

If you’re still wondering what the hell is this about? you can click here: read more about the blog and the author.  

This place is about my work, my ideas and the things I love. Here you can found photos, designs, illustrations and projects among other things.

Recommendations to begin:

Nobody likes to read at first, so my recommendation for new readers are articles made ​​with pure images.

  1. Favorite photos gallery
  2. Vintage photography album
  3. Minimalist photography album
  4. Illustrating wishes for a good day
  5. Illustrating the language history 

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