Making drawings has been my job for the last 6 years. For sometime in between those years I worked as a design professor in a salvadorean university and also as a tutor for different workshops in Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador. I have also been part of amazing events like Comic Cons and local markets were I get to sell my products. Finally I have also worked as a freelance with some really cool brands like McDonalds, Pandora, L’Occitane and Maruchan.

Below are some of my favorite illustrations of all times. Among them you will find some that I made for brands, others are personal illustrations to express my ideas and feelings, and a lot of them are fan arts, because I’m a huge fan of movies, books, music bands etc.

If you’re looking for a specific illustration don’t hesitate to write me to ask, because it’s likely that I already have it or that I can make it for you.

Fan arts of movies I Love

Fan arts of TV shows I Love

Illustrations to empower woman

The horoscope

Illustrations of animals

Self Love Illustrations

Illustrations Inspired in El Salvador

Miscellaneous Illustrations I love

Illustrations for brands

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