life after a finished career

On december I finished all the classes of my career in marketing communications and soon I’ll be a graduated student.

One of my professors has a theory: “existential crises are women’s stuff”

I don’t know if his theory is true for everyone but as far as it comes to myself I can tell I’m the living representation of existential crisis. Finishing a career is a big step on life, besides it forces us to make new decisions and take risks, of course it had to came with a life crisis . This whole situation has pulled me out of my comfort zone and has given me the feeling of having a hole in my stomach, anyway I’m trying to keep calm and maintain myself focused on my illustration work.

The real purpose of education

Life doesn’t comes with a guidebook, not even by reading books or assisting to classes at school we get a full knowledge of everything we need to succeed in our dreams and projects, but if there’s something for which I’m grateful with my university ECMH is this:

For teaching me that learnings change, trends change, theories change so in a world full of changes we need to have an open, creative and hungry mind!

I’m sure that keeping it like that would help in whatever the future has prepared for me.



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