Behind the nickname

I wasn’t looking for a nickname, but when It came into my life I never imagined how big and meaningful it would become.

You can call me Tobiberta

Tobiberta is my nickname. It was born from the way a boyfriend used to call me, I guess it was inspired in my last name and sounds a little bit strange when you listen it… but what can I say?… it has been good having always an available user when I open an account, so the rareness has been funcional.

me-by-meOn this occasion besides the illustration let me share some random facts about the girl behind the nickname:

  1. I’m addicted to Instagram 
  2. I eat fruit every single day
  3. I love Dr Seuss
  4. I have a sewing machine that I love
  5. I like incense and aromatic candles
  6. I don’t have a driving license (shame on me)
  7. Shorts, sandals and dresses for every single day of the year would be nice
  8. I could spent hours in libraries looking for books
  9. frogs scares me as hell
  10. Some day I would learn to dive. It’s a dream
  11. I suck at sports, that’s why I prefer running 
  12. My top 5 of favorite movies: Moonrise Kingdom, The Fall, Amelie, Pride & Prejudice, Big Fish… Best Saga: Star Wars 
  13. I’m a dog person
  14. I deam to have my own store of products (I recently opened my account in society6:
  15. Concerts are the best inversion someone can make

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