Lets talk about love

This may be one of the hardest “posts” to write and to share but as I said in my description (about the author) this is much more than a portafolio, for me this is the place where I get the chance to express some of the things happening in my life.  On this occasion I feel brave enough to talk about love.

The first time I fell in love was actually the second time

The first time I fell in love was an absolute disaster. I was 17 and nothing really happened, so when people asks me about it I like to think that my first love was actually the second one. It was a long distance relationship and it was beautiful. If there were a graphic titled “thanks to whom I have become the person I’m now” surely that guy would take a good piece of the chart. The reason why we usually like to talk about our first love is because it’s one of a kind. My big learning from that experience was this: love01We should always be next to someone that takes out the best of ourselves.

Living with the Frankenstein heart syndrome

After explaining how important is our first love there’s no need to say a lot about what happens when it ends. We learn to live our lives with something I call “The Frankenstein heart syndrome” because we really feel like crap after realizing that the romantic ideal we had with our first love isn’t going to happen. But love is love and eventually we fall again for someone else, on that point we will probably be thinking that love is not the sweetest thing, but remember it’s amazing and surely will give us some of the most important lessons in life. The second big learning I get after recovering from the Frankenstein heart syndrome was this:


Even we feel vulnerable by giving all of ourselves to someone, never stop thinking it’s worth it.

Love is a full time job

I’ve learned that love demands our effort to make things work. There’s no such thing as the perfect time or the perfect ocation, to love you got to be ready for fighting against anything  (it’s a full time job).  But as someone told me once “when you love you have double brains, double hearts, double strength”, so fighting should be easier. My third big learning was this: love003 After this large speech, here I share an illustration, hope you enjoy it!

love by Andrea Tobar©
 This post is dedicated to Alhena’s father, wherever the hell he is 🙂 ❤

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