What do you want in life?

Ten days ago I started the Yoga Girl Challenge created by Rachel Barten @yoga_girl (I’ll do another post to talk about that experience).

After the challenge of day 8 “meditating about dreams”, I kept thinking about the importance of knowing what are we working for every day, as Rachel herself says, we live in a constant duality in which we want to be independent and singles but also in a relationship, we want to travel but still we love the comfort of being at home, we want to start out our own business but we have settled down at our current work.

Having clear what we want for the next few years is critical to ensure we will be walking the right path. It’s true that sometimes we want thousands of things at once, always happens to me, but clear priorities are indispensable.

Guide your efforts to that you want the most, and even complications or delays arises, life will help.

The challenge of today “get creative” fell me perfectly to illustrate some of my goals and dreams.

Even there are many things I want to accomplish, here I share some. Enjoy!

GetaMasterDegreebyAndreaTobar TravelOftenByAndreaTobar RunAMarathonbyAndreaTobar LoveWithKindnessbyAndreaTobar WriteaBookbyAndreaTobar


4 responses to “What do you want in life?

  1. Ma petite Andrea !! To see posts like this , encourages me to follow my dreams. You help people in many ways. I just wish you the best, and i know you’ll have succes in life, doing what you love

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